RZ Memory Micro Instruments made for the Sinuscopy allows flexible adjustment for any anatomical needs.

Memory micro instruments
Micro-Working ends Memory Nitinol shaft Irrigating Connection
— A variety of styles available for different surgical approaches
— Delicate working ends for precise performance
— Shapes to coincide with anatomical needs
— Reverts to original shape after sterilization
— For easy and efficient cleaning of internal components
360° rotatable working ends Colour Coding Ergonomic Handle
— Hand controlled wheel ensures exact positioning of the working end
— Rotation combined with malleable shaft offers unparalleled instrument positioning
— Simple identification of the working end by colour coated rotary knobs — Low weight, ergonomic shape of the ring handle for a comfortable working


252-800-000 straight, sharp, single action straight, sharp, single action
252-800-001 straight, blunt, single action straight, blunt, single action
252-800-002 straight, sharp, double action straight, sharp, double action
252-800-003 curved, sharp, double action curved, sharp, double action
252-800-004 straight, blunt, double action straight, blunt, double action
252-800-005 curved, blunt, double action curved, blunt, double action
252-800-007 45° angled, sharp, single action 45° angled, sharp, single action

Blakesley forceps

252-805-000 sharp, double action sharp, double action
252-806-000 sharp, single action sharp, single action
252-807-000 through cutting, single action through cutting, single action
Blakesley forceps

Grasping forceps

252-802-000 serrated, Ø 3mm serrated, Ø 3mm
Grasping forceps


252-803-000 0.5mm tip Forceps 0.5mm tip
252-803-001 0.9mm tip Forceps 0.9mm tip

Needle holder

252-801-000 curved, fine curved, fine
252-801-001 curved, wide curved, wide
Needle holder


252-804-002 sharp, Ø 2mm sharp, Ø 2mm
252-804-003 sharp, Ø 3mm sharp, Ø 3mm
252-804-005 sharp, Ø 5mm sharp, Ø 5mm

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