Артроскопическая роликовая помпа P9 (двойная)

Technical data

Line Voltage 100-240V/AC – Fuse T3.15A L 250V
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power Input max. 80 VA
Device Type acc. to
DIN EN 60601-1:2005
Classified acc. to
EG-Guidelines 93/42/EEC
Safety Class acc. to
DIN EN 60601-1:2005
Manufactured and tested
according to
DIN EN 60601-1:2005
Radio interference suppression DIN EN 60601-1-2:2007
Irrigation Power 0 - 2.5 l/min
Suction Power 0 - 1.0 l/min
Pressure Range 10 - 200 mmHg
Operating Conditions +10 to +40°C
Realtive humidity of air: 30 - 70%
Store and Transport Conditions - 40 to +70°C
Realtive humidity of air (not condensed): 10 - 90%
Splashproofed IPX 1
Registration CE 1253
Measurements 380 x 130 x 400 mm (WxHxD)
Weight Ca. 11 kg


225-920-001 Suction + Irrigation tubing set,
silicone, autoclavable (225-920-002/-003)
non-sterile included
225-920-002 Tubing Set "Suction", silicone, autoclavable non-sterile optional
225-920-003 Tubing Set "Irrigation", silicone, autoclavable non-sterile optional
225-910-002 Irrigation tubing set, PVC, 20 pieces sterile optional
225-910-003 Patient tube, PVC, 2,5m, 40 pieces sterile optional
225-920-005 Double Footswitch non-sterile included

Lavage function
Lavage function provides increased flow for a short time to irrigate the joint fast and intensly. It is activated by footswitch.
When Lavage time is expired, pump will automatically return to previous operating parameters.

P9 automatically adjusts suction flow according to preset irrigation flow and actual pressure to prevent the joint from collapsing.
AUTO always provides maximum available suction flow, MANUAL is intended to reduce maximum available suction flow to an appropriate value.

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